Frequently Asked Questions

ALPM offers customer service that is fitted directly to each individual customer’s needs and requirements. ALPM offers a level of commitment that sets a high standard for all others to try and duplicate. ALPM offers computerized service reports for lake customers to be E-mailed within 24 hours of the date of service for every service visit. ALPM offers a chronologically correct lake book that includes all service reports, E-mails, application reports, proposals, digital photographs, graphs of all water analysis and any other pertinent records that pertain to your lake.

Jeff Jenkins is an owner with true “hands on” experience in lake management and water quality analysis, Jeff and his team have over 60 combined years in these particular fields. Mr. Jenkins is a State of Arizona Office of Pest Management licensed applicator and Qualified Party in Category 5 aquatics.

If you live on or within a lake community in Arizona in the last year or so you’ve probably either been directly affected or heard of Golden Alga (Chrysophytes). The Golden Alga are new and unwelcome visitor from Texas where it has been thriving for the last decade. Arizona has typically dealt with algae as a nuisance that impedes water transfer in irrigation systems and creates an unsightly mess on your neighborhood lake. Setting realistic goals and financial expectations will be vital in controlling Golden Alga in your community. The lake management team will have to take a proactive stance to potential Golden Alga blooms, providing the capability to identify and treat these blooms in an expedited time frame. The client will have to provide not only financial means to accomplish this, but the ability to give your lake manager a prompt approval to move ahead quickly with these proactive measures. The client will need to accept certain facts involved in the management of their community lake, and the lake manager will need to clearly articulate the challenges that controlling Golden Alga presents:

  • Golden Alga is capable of spreading in a rapid manner.
  • Golden Alga is capable of killing all fish in the affected lake.
  • Golden Alga is transferred via natural (waterfowl), and manmade (boats, canals, etc.)
  • Golden Alga can be effectively controlled with proactive management.