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Arizona Lake and Pond Management


Elevated Aquatics Maintenance


Let Arizona Lake and Pond Professionals Handle Your Aquatics Needs

At ALPM we are committed to providing the highest standard of excellence in lake management services throughout the state of Arizona.


What sets us apart is our personalized customer service, tailored to meet each individual customer's needs and requirements.   In addition to Chemical Treatment, ALPM experts utilize natural and sustainable techniques, including the augmentation of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and Periphyton colonizing habitats.


We offer computerized service reports and a chronologically correct lake book to ensure that our customers are always up-to-date on their lake's health and treatment progress.


Detailed Chemical Analysis

Our services include a detailed chemical analysis service in partnership with professional laboratories. They provide certified analysis of various matrices such as drinking, surface and wastewaters, solids, sediments and bio-solids. Their analysis includes chemical and biological testing, whole effluent toxicity and organism identification to ensure the safety of aquatic systems.

Chemical Treatment

Our Chemical Treatment services help to control the growth of unwanted algae, invasive plants, nuisance pond weeds, algae blooms, and submerged weeds. We use specialized treatments to ensure that the health of your aquatic life is maintained and that the water remains clean and clear. Our experienced staff will work with you to create a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Biological Augmentation

Bioaugmentation is an effective way to restore balance to a pond or lake's ecosystem. By introducing beneficial bacteria, probiotics, enzymes, cultures, and micronutrients into the water, organic sludge and nutrients can be removed, allowing the pond or lake to function in a more healthy and balanced state. This ecological service can help keep your aquatic environment in optimal condition.

Fish Stocking

Fish stocking is an important service for maintaining a healthy, vibrant aquatic environment. This service involves the introduction of new fish species into an existing water body in order to supplement or create a new population. The choice of fish species is carefully considered in order to ensure that it ties directly into the larger picture of the “Food Chain” along with all the aquatic and environmental variables that influence aquatic life such as vegetation, water quality, runoff, sunlight, etc. Fish stocking is essential for creating and sustaining a prosperous aquatic environment.

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These natural habitats are providing shade for aquatic environment, this shading and cooling of water at all levels and zones of the lake and allowing the temperature of the lake to become more stable and the production of oxygen and the ability of the water molecule to hold the dissolved oxygen is not only aided by the temperature of the water but will also trap and hold oxygen molecules from the diffused aeration on large surface spaces as the oxygen travels up

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