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Arizona Lake and Pond Management


Elevated Aquatics Maintenance


Letting Nature Work To Raise Your Water Quality

REVOLUTIONARY -- NOPE, THIS IS PREHISTORIC The benefits and natural positive results for lake and community These natural habitats are providing shade for aquatic environment, this shading and cooling of water at all levels and zones of the lake and allowing the temperature of the lake to become more stable and the production of oxygen and the ability of the water molecule to hold the dissolved oxygen is not only aided by the temperature of the water but will also trap and hold oxygen molecules from the diffused aeration on large surface spaces as the oxygen travels up. Providing areas of cooler water and better displacement of direct sunlight to bottom of lake will aid in minimizing algae and weed growth. Allowing shade and protection from the Arizona environment encourages more activity of herbivores like Grass Carp helping further reduce aquatic weed and aquatic grasses and reducing a large portion of the aquatic budget.


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